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A guardianship is a necessary legal judgment that allows a concerned family member or friend to take legal control over another person. Obviously, this is a serious obligation, and cannot be accomplished without a verdict of a Judge or Jury. 

The Commonwealth assists with this process. There could be any number of reasons for the need for a guardianship or conservatorship over another person. However, our office frequently sees two major categories of individuals that need the help that only a guardian can provide.

Aging Parent or Relative

The first is dealing with an aging parent or relative. The aging process wears down an individual and many times dementia, Alzhemier's, or other physical conditions place no other option on the family members that must keep their relative from harm. 

Special Needs Children turning 18

Having a child with special needs is a difficult and challenging role. Facing the legal aspects that arise when that child turns 18 can also be a challenge. When a child with special needs turns 18 years of age, they gain many rights and powers that they have never had before. Therefore, unless, the court appoints a guardian over them, then they will have to fill the role of citizen including making important healthcare, personal needs, financial decisions and legal decisions on there own, which can lead to a dangerous situation. 

Other situations. 

Feel free to contact us concerning the Guardianship application process, even if the above two circumstances are not applicable to you. 

County Government

Mr. Logsdon is the legal advisor to Grayson County Fiscal Court and various county boards and entities. The County Attorney is charged with not only carrying out his duties given by state law concerning guardianships and prosecutions, but responsible for giving sound advice  and serving the County Fiscal Court.  This includes drafting ordinances, drafting verious legal documents, courtroom litigation, the collection of property taxes and many other duties. 

The County Attorney is responsible for all prosecutions in the Grayson County District Court including all misdemeanors, felonies (until indicted), traffic violations and juvenile offenses. 

As a long time prosecutor, Mr. Logsdon understands that most important factors to consider in determining the resolution of a case

Victim's Input. Although, Mr. Logsdon has wide discretion in what kind of offers for resolution he can make prior to having a jury trial, he takes the input of a victim in a matter very seriously. This could include the amount of jail time offered or the amount of restitution due to make the victim whole. 

Fighting the Drug Problem. Having served as First Assistant Commonwealth Attorney for many years for the 46th Judicial Circuit, Mr. Logsdon understands that the top cause of all crime in this great county is drug addiction. All his actions in any misdemeanor drug case are aimed at turning addicts around or punish the behavior in such a way that keeps our community safe.

Child Support

The County Attorney enters annually into a contract with the Cabinet to collect child support payments on behalf of the Commonwealth. This office is located in the basement of the Courthouse and is run separately from the front office.  Over $2 million dollars are collected/administered annually by the Child Support staff. 

Mr. Logsdon prides himself in being able to collect these required payments through the combination of a great set of employees and proper prosecution. 

If you have questions concerning your child support payments either as a payor or payee please call 270-259-4200. The phone system has been updated and improved, so that you can expect to be appropriately directed to the case worker you need to speak to. 


If you have a loved one or friend that is addicted to drugs or alcohol and you believe they need help, please call us as soon as possible to discuss our office's ability to help using 

Casey's Law

Our office has used this process

to SAVE LIVES and we'd love to help your loved one or friend!


As the prosecutor and attorney for the County, Mr Logsdon is not allowed to give out advice on private legal matters such as, but not limited to: 

Civil Suits or Causes of Action

Family Law Issues (Divorce, Custody, Visitation_

Landlord/Tenant Issues


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